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This is an exciting time of the year for cycling.  As I write this our best U19 and Elite track riders are doing their thing up at Cambridge against the rest of the best in NZ.  I wish I was there watching…   Meanwhile the first Pro Tour race, the Tour Down Under has been run and won (not surprisingly by an Aussie), and after the cascade of Middle East and Southern Hemisphere Tours, the European Spring Classics get underway.  

Meanwhile, back here in Palmerston North, as the track racing calendar enters the home straight, road racing starts to get underway again.  We have already  started the Wed Night TT series, and with the fantastic weather we’ve been having, times are fast.  Robert Stannard notable broke the course record by a relatively large margin last week.  Now, to get the record you’ll have to be able to ride the 12 km course faster than 14:51.

On the 27th of Feb we are starting a series of races which will have an attractive prize pool.  More information to come, but they are now in the Calendar.  However, we can only do these if there are people to help.  So, only those people who assist during one of the races will be able to collect their prize money.  More details on that to come, including what the prize money schedule will be.  So, we are looking for people who will be willing to be the race organiser on the following dates:
Race Series #1 Kermesse 27 Feb
Race Series #2 2 up TT (handicapped) 5th March
Race Series #3 Graded Handicap RR, 12 March
Race Series #4 Handicap RR, 19 March
Race Series #5 Graded Road Race, 2 April
Please get in contact with Steve Stannard if you can help 021809597.
Once we have a race manager for each, we’ll be asking for around 3-5 others to help marshalling and entries etc. and you may get tapped on the shoulder.
Stay tuned.

Anyhow, while the weather is good, I’ll be on my bicycle as much as possible.  Hope to see you out there on the road enjoying the Summer warmth as well!

Cheers, Steve.

Bike Manawatu Annual General Meeting 2016

It’s that time of the year again when we need to start thinking about the AGM. We will be holding this on the 5th of April at a venue to be announced soon. The idea of letting everyone know soon is that we will be making, according to our constitution, the annual accounts for 2015 available before the meeting. The longer lead-in allow enable those people who might be interested in becoming Board members to get a nomination in with plenty of time. There will be at least one, and maybe a couple, of Board positions available. If you are interested, please have a chat with any of the current Board members.

On the same occasion, as is usual practice for us, we have the track prize-giving evening. There are two reasons for this. Firstly it encourages members to turn up so that we have enough people to be quorate (make a binding decision via vote). Secondly, it ensure that those receiving prizes have plenty of people to celebrate their successes.

We will be sending out a request for those who attend to bring a plate of food in a future correspondence. Meanwhile, if you have any ideas, issues, or complaints about how the organisation is being run, don’t hesitate to talk to Christine or one of the Board members.

Thanks, Steve.

Elite Flying Kilo

This is an invitation for Bike Manawatu riders, both male and female, to be part of the "Elite Flying Kilo" event in Rotorua on Feb 13th.
It is the headline event, to finish of the larger "Ride the Runway" community event held on the Rotorua Airport Runway 
The Flying Kilo is basically a 1km scratch race, but in a straight line - the 20 best riders they can muster in a one-off 1km race down the tarmac. The riders will be brought up to speed by a lead vehicle, which will pull away at the flag, and 1km all out race is on. There will be separate Men's and Womens events.
Video of last years event can be viewed herehere
Prize money as follows (and equal payout for both mens and womens events:
1st $500
2nd $250
3rd $150
4th $75
5th $50.
There is no entry fee. And entry application is to Mark (Cabin) Leishman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If anyone is interested e-mail Cabin ASAP.
The Bike the Lake road race is on the following day also, so you can make a weekend of it.


BikeManawatu Uniforms

If you require Uniforms please contact me ASAP either by return mail or 0274422521

The order will be placed on Tuesday the 9th Feb

Prices of each item will depend on volume of order.

We will be ordering:

Aero Jerseys
Short Sleeved Jerseys
Long Sleeved Jerseys
Bib Shorts
Skin Suits - Long Sleeve
Skin Suits - Short Sleeve

For further info on styles go to

Please see basic measurement chart from Tineli.

Kind Regards

Christine Christie

Bike Manawatu

The Gravel and The Tar 2016

They were gathered in the plaza, by the clock tower in the Square,

With their double shot espressos from the car,
While the Chief Comm gave the briefing, “Keep it safe and keep it fair,
For the first inaugural running of The Gravel and The Tar.”

As they headed out to Ashhurst, there was action from the gun,
With the young bloods ever keen to test their strength
But every move was risky, there was money to be won,
No one keen to leave a gap of any length.

The Aussie’s thought they’d own it, being more suited to the heat1,
For a scorcher had been forecast for the race.
But despite the soaring temps, their plan was incomplete,
They clearly hadn’t counted on the pace.

In fact, the final move went early, far too early some would say,
With 90 k of racing stretched ahead.
The peleton was lazy, it would never stay away,
“They’re dreamin’” was the sentiment oft said.

Read more: The Gravel and...

Photos and results from the Gravel and Tar are now available



Results and photos from last weekend's race are now available


The Gravel and Tar is this weekend!

Gravel and Tar Gran Fondo

Gravel Tar Gran FondoThe Gran Fondo is a shorter event with less gravel and more tar! Ideal for a challenging Sunday Ride.
We know that lots of Road Cyclists don’t usually ride “off seal”, but we also think that this is a great opportunity to try something a bit different.

We would love you to consider entering the Grand Fondo


Online entries for the Gravel and Tar now extended until 5 pm Friday evening.  You can enter on Saturday by going down, in person, to AvantiPlus on Ferguson St before 5 pm, or on the day (Sunday), but only between 6:30 am and 7:30 am.



 Want to watch the Elite Race

There will be some great opportunities for viewing the Elite Race


See below viewing times (give or take 10 min) and places for Classic race:


Start 10 am in Square.

Wool shed (7.5 km north of Ashhurst) at 10:35 am (first sprint).

Highland Home 11 am.

Pohangina village 11:15 am.

Corner of Valley Rd and ZigZag Rd (basically just over the top of the Valley Rd climb) at 11:30 am.

Corner of Spur Rd and Watershed Rd at 11:45 am

Corner of Ulysses and Watershed Rd at 11:50 am.

Corner of Colyton Rd and Watershed Rd at 11:55 am (second sprint).

Hiwinui School at 12 noon.

Ashhurst at 12:10 pm.

Start of River Path at 12:15 pm

End of Raukawa Rd at 12:25 pm

Finish at 12:40 pm

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