The Trust House North Island Team Series

The Trust House North Island Team Series has been created by Jorge Sandoval and consists of 5 races in the Wairarapa Region.

This series is an ideal stepping stone for the youth of not only Manawatu but also the rest of New Zealand to step up to racing longer distances and against a high calibre of elite riders.

This series is providing learning experiences such as racing with a car convoy, learning how to go back and collect bottles and learning the dynamics of team racing.

Race 2

Race two saw the addition of Sam Horgan and former Palmerston North local who is currently racing for Australian NRS team Budget Forklifts  Having someone like Sam on the team is huge.  He provides the opportunity for the boys to gain on the road race knowledge and learn from the experience  of Sam.

Tactics for the day were to race as a team and ensure that we were represented in each move by at least one if not two Bike Manawatu riders.  The racing started off aggressively and the team did a good job of being active at the front of the race.

After 50km a move finally went that stuck.  The 13 man breakaway had all the main team represented including Horgan from our team.  The break soon moved out to a 6min lead very quickly as only 1 team missed the move and were forced to ride the front of the peleton.  This gave the boys the opportunity to see how a race unfolds once a break with all the teams represented has gone away.  Also gave the opportunity for guys to go back to the team car to get bottles for the rest of the team members.

Up front the breakaway started to race aggressively with plenty of attacks to whittle down the breakaway to a select group.  Eventually some paid the price for this and the breakaway soon only consisted of 6 riders including Horgan and local boy Luke Mudgeway.  This group rolled well together until 5km to go when Horgan was the 1st to take a 'flyer' but was soon reeled in by Fraser Gough who was clearly trying to make it a bunch sprint for teammate Mudgeway.  Constant attacking occurred until finally Regan Gough was allowed to escape under the 1km banner and managed to stay away to take the win from a fast finishing Mudgeway and Gordy McCauley rounding out the podium.  Horgan came in 4th.

The bunch came in 4minutes latter and the guys back in the bunch rode good position at the front to protect sprinter Joel Yates who sprinted well to round out the top 10 in 10th place.

The beauty of this series is that with the regular racing the boys can learn from each race and then go and implement the increased race knowledge into the next race. 

Thanks to Lee Yates for driving the team car and for Steve Stannard, Sam Horgan and Chris Sanson for their guidance within the race.

WCNI Road race champs

Wanganui will run the 2014 WCNI RR Champs on 8 November.  They propose to use the Western Line Circuit based at Brunswick Hall.  (11 kms with technical downhill and a good wee climb each lap)  This is the club race we have planned so is not a biggie for us in terms of traffic management.

We propose the following grades depending on entries. Details on how to enter and entry fees will be available shortly.

Open/U23/U19 8 laps

M1-4 Men 6 laps

M5-8 Men  5 laps

U15 B/G 4 laps

U17 Boys 6 laps

U 16 Girls 5 laps


Wanganui entries/wheel support for Open/ Course set up/ extra marshalls

WCNI Presentation/medals

Participating Clubs 1 marshall and 1 commissaire and any volunteers on the day as support for races.

"Rescue Helicopter" lucky draw

SONY DSCOn Thursday the 9th of October we met Lance at the Feildair hanger where the helicopter is kept and after a safety briefing we (with brother Adam) boarded the chopper and flew out.

Our flight took us round Longburn and over Linton military base then along the hills as we got an aerial view of the windmills that dotted the ranges. The helicopter then flew round the front of the gorge and headed back over Ashhurst towards Palmerston North to land at the airport where Lance demonstrated the hovering abilities of the chopper as he landed back on the platform from which we had taken off from only 20min earlier.

Flying in a chopper is quite different to flying in a plane, the noise, movement and ability to go any direction you want. This 20 minute helicopter flight was the first time I had flown in a helicopter and I would rate it up there as one of the best things I have done.

Big thanks must go to Bike Manawatu and the Rescue Helicopter Trust for providing me with this opportunity to take the helicopter flight.

David Martin

For Sale– road bike

Avanti Monza 46 cm silver / blue.
Two new tyres and new Cateye.
$500 ONO

Genuine reason for selling.

Contact seller on 0272211155    Liz.

liz's bike

Wednesday night time trial series

The popular Wednesday night time trial series is back again.Time trial start

If you have never done a time trial or been to the Wednesday night series then now is the time to give it a go.

The time trial is 12 km long on a flat course. Each rider is let go at 30 second intervals. The course starts opposite the Horizons yard on Kairanga Bunnythorpe Rd and heads out onto Lockwood Rd to a turn point and then back to the start/finish line. Each week your time is recorded. And for the first week you are awarded 2 points. Each week that you come back and ride you get 1 point or if you are able to better your previous best time then you get an additional point.

So each week you challenge yourself to better your time. We have elite cyclists who have set some marvelous records on this course and then of course we have those that aren’t as fast but just come out to see how much they can improve over the series. And without exception everyone does improve, so long as the conditions are right.

There is an entry fee which goes towards the end of series prizegiving.

All instructions are given at the briefing which is after everyone has registered. Registration is at the Horizons yard on the corner of Kairanga Bunnythorpe Rd and Rongotea Rd on Wednesday night from 5.45pm. First rider is off at 6.10pm.

Look forward to seeing some new and old faces.

Entry fee for the whole series can be paid on the first night at a reduced price of $15 per member for 8 nights. This can also be paid direct to bank account 01 0745 0284925 00 and please state your name and TT Series in description.

Uniform orders–get them in now.

The uniform order is looking healthy with already 25 items ordered. So if you want to be included,  order this week as when the order is sent it will be too late to add to it or to expect that extras will be available for you to purchase at a later date.

Click here to go to the previous article where the order was first requested.

Final graded race in Series

A new course – fine weather and the opportunity to get more points towards prizemoney.

The new course certainly ticked all the boxes for all the riders.

I personally felt like Mother duck sitting on the back of my clutch of ducklings as we headed down Kimbolton Rd to the finish line. And it was nice to just sit back and relax just as a couple of riders were spotted doing on the way to the turn point. Unfortunately they didn’t even get to the official turn point before turning around, with thoughts of what was on offer at the finish line.

And it was these two riders who also held back to allow the old duck a chance at glory and a sprint to the finish. The old duck didn’t dare turn to look to see if they were chasing.

The new course will obviously be used again next year and I only hope that “the ducklings” will be there to pull “the old duck”  back down Kimbolton Rd again.

Prizemoney was awarded to each grade and the amount paid was relative to the entry fees for each grade. So the more riders in a grade the more prizemoney awarded.

Thanks to all helpers over the series and for this weeks event to Grant Shearman at the crossroads who did a very professional job of directing riders. Also Rebecca Allan, Lynley McKenzie who was waiting for a few riders who didn’t get to the turn point and Matt Levin. And also to Louisa Regan who competently controlled the finish line and recorded all the results assisted by Rebecca.

Click here for results. and here for points tally


Bone Collector–an event for all

bone collectorWhat is a Bone Collector – Apart from being a movie it is also a fun event that we have held on different circuits over the past few years. This years course is relatively flat.

Each lap is just under 15km. so the first rider will complete a total of 60km, 2nd rider will complete 45km, 3rd rider will complete 30km and 4th rider will complete 15km.

The first rider for each team starts and they can ride as a bunch for the first lap, when they get back to the start point the second rider from each team joins them and from this point on they ride as a team. Then the third person or bone joins them for the 3rd lap etc.

Register at Glen Oroua School at 1pm on Saturday 25th October.

Race will start at 1.30pm 

If you would like to race but do not have a complete team please enter and place "0" in the team names that you are missing and we will match you with other riders in a similar position.

Teams will determine their own race order ie who goes first and completes all 4 laps, who goes next and completes 3 laps etc.

Each team must have at least 1 under 17 rider, 1 female rider and 1 rider over 35.

Entry fee for a team is $15.

If you are not riding and are able to help please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Long Slow rides

Catriona and I are going to do some long slow rides again. The first one will be on Sunday the 19th starting from Memorial Park at 7.30am.

This Sunday we are going to do the 80 km Tour De Manawatu course.   Anyone is welcome and it would be a good chance for beginners to get a look at the course.

We go as fast as the slowest rider. Riders need to bring everything they might need as there will be no outside support.

Look at the calendar for dates for future long slow rides and where they will be going.

The Latest News from New Zealand track cyclist, Simon van Velthooven.




Cambridge, New Zealand

Since the Commonwealth Games I was lucky enough to complete the second half of the Keirin season in Japan incident free with no crashes or training injuries.
Japan post Commonwealth Games was an entirely different feeling as I wasn't concerned about training for the games, having to be careful about everything and ultimately avoid crashing; I could race a little more ruthlessly and take a few more chances….       

This newsletter update comes with mixed feelings. I had an excellent race win in Ogaki against a number of great Japanese riders, yet it is time to say goodbye to Japan this season, set up shop at the Avantidrome in Cambridge and train my arse off through to Rio, 2016.
However back to Japan and my win in Ogaki - it was a huge milestone for me as it was a dream since getting the initial contract back in 2009 which I remember well as it was on my 21st birthday! To get the 1-1-1 in Ogaki was awesome as it’s bloody hard to get. Many riders get a number of wins, but to get the winning streak is very rare and unheard of.


The following week after the race win I had another great race in Fukui and gave my fellow international rider a lead out and he secured the race win. It was a great battle against two other strong Senko riders which meant I had to start my sprint bloody early and ended up sprinting for around 700m flat out.
After arriving home from Japan I was straight down to Cambridge for New Zealand’s annual Class 1 UCI race meet over the weekend of the 20th September.

I was not expecting much as racing in Japan is like chalk and cheese to the indoor boards however I knew I had some strength in my legs, just not much speed of tactical nous. A mix of Jetlag and lifting boxes into my new pad wasn’t the best build up plan.

The first day was the match sprint and after qualifying in a 10.2 I managed to race my way through the rounds right into the finals and ended up 4th overall being beaten my two Aussies and Sam Webster.  The next day was the Keirin which I knew I had some legs for but was absolutely buggered from the full days racing previously. My heat went well but then drew a harder heat and decided I just had to hit it with full steam which I did whilst also riding a bigger gear than usual! After winning the semi the final was going to be a barn burner with all the top NZ and Aussie Keirin riders.

I drew second wheel behind Shane Perkins which I was very happy with as he had great legs coming off racing in Japan like me. Sam and Matt both attacked early and came over but I stuck to my guns and followed Shane who attacked over the last lap and then I punched it over him around the last corner and crossed the line first. Bloody fantastic.

For now I am tucking into a much needed training block from now until the end of the year. It will be a crucial time as it will help me become stronger in the gym and therefore a reliable team sprint rider and not just a Keirin rider.

Simon van Velthooven
New Zealand Sprint Cyclist
World, Commonwealth, Olympic Medalist
Proud Volkswagen Ambassador

Results from Colyton Graded Race

The windy cold weather didn’t deter all riders on Saturday 4th October. With a limited number of people available to help on the course it was a matter of having Lenka marshal firstly in Ashhurst and then drive back to the turn point for the C grade riders. Stu McKenzie was the marshal at the A & B grade turn. Thanks to these people as without them there would have been no race.

A grade was first off the mark from Colyton School and with a brisk tail wind headed down to Ashhurst before heading back up Valley Rd in to a head wind. There was little shelter offered by being in the valley. At the end of Valley Rd there was already a split in the bunch of 11 A grade riders. Some were swallowed up in the B grade riders as the headed up to the turn point just before the gravel on Finnis Rd. The C grade riders turned at Forlong Rd which was a nice way to extend their race to 40km.

Read more: Results from...

Uniform Order 2014

It is that time of the year where stocks of uniform items is at its lowest and a new order is about to be placed.

If the order is placed by the end of October it will be available for Christmas.

If riders are intending on riding at WCNI track champs or National Road cycling champs next year then they will need to wear Bike Manawatu kit. Only a limited number of extra items are ordered so please don’t get upset when we don’t have what you want in stock if you have not bothered to order it now.

Read more: Uniform Order 2014

Give Track Cycling a Go!!

 The Feilding Track has been a great nursery to develop top track riders, the most famous being Jesse Sergent and Simon Van Velthooven, who have gone on to win the ultimate of Olympic track medals.

In 1999 when Ian Gray, helped by a small dedicated team began to rejuvenate Manawatu Track Cycling, which had reached its lowest support in the last 50 years, track cycling has gradually grown  (on the Feilding Track) to be very strong again .

Manawatu riders have won a amazing 86 medals at NZ National Track Championships since 1999.

This includes:

• 29 Gold Medals

• 30 Silver Medals

• 27 Bronze Medals

This has been made possible by both the excellent supportive programme we have had at Feilding and the great work of coaches led by Mike McRedmond and others over recent years.

Read more: Give Track...

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