Updated Bike Manawatu Time Trial Records 21 Feb 2019

12km ITT - BikeManawatu Age Group Records - All Time-1 Updated 21 Feb 2019

Last weeks ITT saw 4 new Bike Manawatu records broken
Glenn Kirk M3 4 seconds faster than Steve Stannard's previous record of 0:15:52 set in February 2016
Deb Cuff shaved a whole minute off her previous M6 record 0:22:10 set 14 Feb 2018
Ellen Twiss was 1 minute, 13 seconds faster than the previous open womens record set by Sharen Belk of 0:20:20 on 2 Feb 2016
& Ian Eagle also took out the M1 record by 1 minute, 25 seconds previously held by Mark Waterland of 17:53 on 07th March 2012

Well done to you all! Keep up the great work