Kairanga ITT – 17 May 2020

The over arching policy is that all Government and MOH regulations apply. Remember that gatherings of 10 are not permitted. We are able to run this "individual" event on the basis that social distancing is achievable if the systems set out below are followed. If they are not we will be forced to reconsider running future events. Everybody needs to take responsibility and consider their actions.


  • Please stagger your arrival time. If you have a late start do not arrive at 8.30am
  • Park at Kairanga School.
  • The outdoor toilet block has kindly been made available to us. Please respect it and do not enter any other areas of the school grounds
  • Do not congregate on arrival. Get yourself ready and move away form the parking areas as quickly as possible to either do your warm up or go to registration


  • If you are reading this you will have seen the start list which provides your start time and your rider number. As we have been trailing for some time the number allocated for this event will be your permanent number for all future BM events. We are redistributing new fabric numbers to all members. Please look after it and bring it to all events.
  • Non members will be allocated a reinforced paper number. Again please keep this and bring it along to other BM events that you attend


  • Please take care at the cross roads while crossing to registration
  • Registration will be at an unmanned table at the start of the gravel layby in the usual start area on KB Road.
  • Please use the hand sanitiser provided before registering
  • There is no entry fee for junior/schools riders.
  • If you have not paid on line please deposit your entry fee into the honesty box - correct change only and note the amount paid on the start sheet. $5 members, $10 none members.\
  • If you have a loyalty card these will be at registration for you to click. Likewise please note that you have used your loyalty card on the start sheet
  • Please avoid ques at the registration desk.
  • Let early riders register ahead of later starters.
  • Ensure you give yourself plenty of time to register, pin your number and either go straight to the start area or continue your warm up.  
  • Either way time your arrival in the start area to suit your start time (1- 2 mins prior)  and avoid any gatherings in this area. 
  • If you arrive too early you will be asked to leave the start area. Numbers are to be placed on the left hand side, rear quarter of your race top.
  • Please read all notices on the whiteboard including a repeat of the rider briefing and safety notes set out below


  • There will be a holder
  • Riders will start at 1 min intervals.
  • After you have finished please do not gather at the finish area or at the car park.
  • If you are riding home please depart the area ASAP.
  • If you are driving please pack up and depart ASAP.
  • If numbers at the car park do become congested with people packing up, remember to social distance and if needs be go for a warm down and return once numbers have reduced.
  • Spectators please only attend the event if required to support a rider ie to drive your child. We encourage riders to be as self reliant as possible and to ride to and from the event, but please keep group numbers small. I'd suggest 5-6 max.
  • All spectators/supporters MUST complete a contract tracing form. If you have not completed this online, please complete the paper copy at registration. It can be completed on line here https://forms.gle/SbSXBy4t8CstM1kU7


  • The course is 6km out and back
  • The turn will be marked by a cone in the road.
  • The finish line is approx 100m before the start line 
  • This is an individual time trial. Please do not draft. Overtaking riders please ensure slower rider know you are coming. Please give each other plenty of room while staying left at all times


  • Roads are open and all normal road rules apply
  • Marshals are provided for direction only
  • Riders must give way at all junctions as required.

Course Specific Notes:

  • Obey the priority on the 1 way bridge and be prepared to give way to oncoming traffic
  • Do not cross the centre line unless safe to do so.\
  • We are on narrow quite roads when often there is no white line. Stay left
  • Riders should not exceed 2 abreast
  • Beware of tankers and agricultural machinery
  • Be courteous to other road users
  • The days are shortening so we RECOMMEND the use of a rear light.

Please click here to view the start list online

   Start List & Time for ITT-page-001 - 1.jpg
       Start List & Time for ITT-page-002 - V.3.jpg

We’re up and running.

With the shift to Level two and working with the Covid requirements of CNZ and NZ Government Bike Manawatu is excited to get racing underway again.
As we are all aware the limitations are groups of ten at this stage, hence the racing programme for May is individual and small team based.
Bike Manawatu acknowledges our Sponsors and Councils in making all these races possible. It is now up to us, as a responsible community based club, to adhere to the requirements that have been set down.
Being accepting, able and willing to exercise social distancing, small groups, personal hygiene will see club racing flourish and continue in these “odd” times.The events are now clear for the next 3 weeks.

Kairanga ITT, Forest Road Hill climb, Rongotea ITT and 2up.

Entries must be done online. We will not accept any late entries on the day.
Payment online, correct change on the day or prepaid card. This stops contact between officials and you.
Your number is yours for all races, the number you have been running up till now will remain for the season.
We will have a new set of Fabric numbers for distribution starting from Sunday for all BM Members, non members will be issued with our standard race numbers. Please look after these and bring them to each race.

Entries will close 9.00am Saturday for all racing the following day. A start list will be emailed out and published on our Facebook and website.
On that communication there will be a written briefing. There will also be a written and staged verbal briefings at the start line.
You simply get to the venue, warm up off the course, pay / sign in, get to the start line 5 minutes before your start time, roll to the start line and start on your time.
This will mean that we can not loiter once you have finished your race, and need to be mindful not to congregate pre-race.

Please do not attend our event if you are unwell - Please help stop the spread of Covid-19

Road racing will commence once Group number limitations are eased from Government and MOH.

Please find the link to all of our races to register on this link here http://www.bikemanawatu.co.nz/index.php/club-news/notices/2838-bike-manawatu-2020-road-racing-calendar

Let’s go racing

BM team

Bike Manawatu 2020 Road Racing Calendar

Sunday 16th August 2020
Kairanga ITT TBC am Start All riders MUST Pre Register Here  before 9.30am Friday 14/08/2020 no late entries will be allowed.   
We ask all volunteers & spectators to please fill in this form to allow for contact tracing plus this helps us with race day volunteers. Click Here  

Sunday 23rd August 2020
Colyton - Hiwinui Back Road Race 11am Start All riders MUST Pre Register Here  before 12noon 22/08/2020 no late entries will be allowed.   
We ask all volunteers & spectators to please fill in this form to allow for contact tracing plus this helps us with race day volunteers. Click Here  

Sunday 30th August 2020
Rongotea TTT - Minimum of 4, Max of 6 riders p/team

Sunday 13th September 2020
Colyton TTT - Minimum of 4, Max of 6 riders p/team

Click read more to view previous races or find road race results here / ITT results here

Light at the end of the tunnel.

It seems like an eternity, and the wait till Mondays Covid announcement can’t come soon enough. Following on from last week we are pleased to announce a 4 week racing calendar starting next Sunday 17th.

Please note we still need to wait till Monday the 11th announcement….how many times have we heard this.

By the end of the month and an idea of continuing restriction levels are clear, we will run more events in June, July and beyond.
As mentioned in the last Article, we intend running WCNI Road Race championships before AGN’s in July

Health and safety is going to be at the forefront under level 2. This goes all the way from the events that we run, how we will require that you enter the events, and all of our own responsibilities with personal hygiene.
For the first 4 weekends we will require riders to enter online through Webscorer. This gives us the riders contact details for our Health and Safety Covid requirements. The first event is an ITT at Kairanga.

We will accept entries until 24 hours before the event at which point a start order will be compiled and start time allocated. This will allow riders to turn up at the line with 5 minutes to spare, so documentation and payment (the prepaid cards are great in this respect) and go straight to the start cue. We highly encourage online payment to help us be as contactless as possible please.

This minimizes the cue and crowding. We have all had numbers allocated this season and we cannot stress enough the importance of holding onto this number (If you no longer have your number you will need to be there earlier to ensure you can be issued with one.)

Over the next week we will release more details as they come to hand.Registration will be on line as soon as we are able to.

4 week Calendar:
May 17th. Kairanga ITT
May 24th. Hill climb or Akers Rd Road Race
May 31st. Rongotea ITT and 2up
June 7th. Taonui Loop Road Race or Kairanga TT
June 28th Taonui Loop Road Race.

Once again we acknowledge the support of our Amazing Local Sponsors, the work of the BM personnel, Pat Howard from PNCC and Martin Skinner from MDC

Cleats on, eyes forward

BM Board

Please Click Here to see our calendar online

Preparation for Club Racing.

As we all wait for Covid announcements from the Government Bike Manawatu is pleased to inform you that our personnel have been working on a Race calendar.
Covid has been tough on everyone, and we have all had to change what, when and how we carry on with life.
Thanks to Michelle Turner for kick starting the Zwift races which has been extremely popular.
For many of our members, cycling is their main social contact. So to have to rethink that side of their lives has been hard for some.

During Level three Bike Manawatu has submitted Traffic Management Plans (TMP’s) for events starting Sunday May 17th and running every Sunday for 4 weeks.
We have received protocol from Cycling New Zealand which lines up with Ministry of Health guidelines for requirements for our events.
Please note that everything is very fluid at this time. Once we hear announcements from the Government this coming Thursday, and again the much anticipated Monday 11th press conference, we will have a better understanding about what we can and can’t do.

We also wait for an announcement from CNZ about the Age Group Nationals (AGN) due to be held July 17th-19th.
What we do know is that there is no School cycling until the Ministry of Education has given clearance and that is expected in July.

So in our on going “Scaling up of club racing” to suit all abilities and ages we will start on Sunday 17th of May with a Time trial at Kairanga.(TMP pending)
This will allow room for the inevitable slow release back to Level 1 race activities in regards group numbers etc.
The following weekend, depending on Covid restrictions, there will either be a Hill Climb at Forest Hill or a Road Race at Akers Road.
We have TMP approval for both venues on this day.
Sunday 31st we propose to run a Time Trial at Rongotea. This is planned to be an individual and a 2up competition so “grab your partners”.

June is planned to start with either a Road Race at Taonui or a TT at Kairanga on the 7th
From there we will look at holding another Road Race at Taonui, then as a build up to the AGN we intend to run the WCNI road Race championships and a TT championship.
Once again Covid restrictions on groups and Travel will dictate these events.

Today, Jorge Sandoval has announced the calendar for the Trust House series starting September 27th.
The races this year are graded, not age group. This is a massive step forward as far as we are concerned. It allows our members to race in an Ability Bracket rather than age group.
This means the racing is open to Junior, elite, senior, masters and veteran…both male and female.
More info to come but in the meantime go to www.cyclingseriesnz.co.nz.

Our thanks to Pat Howard at PNCC and Martin Skinner at MDC for there ongoing work approving our TMP’s so we can hold these events.

In the meantime, While we await the announcements and while the TMP’s are being processed, keep fit, get your winter race gear sorted (including your tail lights) for what is going to be a compressed season of racing.

Stand by, get ready