Up & Coming Events for week ending 6th December 2019

Fri 6 Dec
Tissot UCI Track Cycling World Cup

Sat 7 De
Tissot UCI Track Cycling World Cup
BM Race 7 – Essex Cup – Pre Register HERE
BM Race 7 - Essex Cup 7 Dec 19 (1)

Sun 8 Dec
Tissot UCI Track Cycling World Cup
BikeManawatu Sunday Recreational Ride
BM Track - Track Meeting

Wed 11 Dec
Kairanga ITT Pre Register Here
Wednesday Recreational Ride

Sat 14 Dec
Waikato / BOP Track Champs

Sun 15 Dec
Waikato / BOP Track Champs
BikeManawatu Sunday Recreational Ride

Mon 16 Dec
Waikato / BOP Track Champs

Wed 18 Dec
Wednesday Recreational Ride
BM Track - Special Christmas Track Meeting

Sun 22 Dec
BikeManawatu Sunday Recreational Ride

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BM Track Results Sunday 1st December 2019

Thank you all so very much for "Showing up & Showing out" yesterday. It was another fine day to witness & appreciate some great track racing.
Unofficially Tutarangi Craw rode a record time of 32.17 for the U15B, 1 Lap Held Start. Ben Irvine's time of 32.53 is still the official record. "Food for thought" possibly Tutarangi.
Thank you all, have a great week, & let's do it all again soon.
Kindest regards

To View Results online please click Here
To View ALL Results online from the season please click here

Bike Manawatu Track Meeting Results 01.12.2019
Johnston Park Feilding
Race Race Type Rider Number Category
Times / Placing
1 U13 2 Lap H/Cap Josh Hannon 17 U13B  
    Ben Murphy 19 U13B  
    Austin Tunnicliffe 20 U13B  
2 U15 B&G 6 Lap ROW Andy Richardson 15 U15B  
    Jesse Coxon 1 U15G  
    Sophie Peters 11 U15G  
    Caleb Hamblyn 5 U15B  
    Nathan Drury 16 U15B  
    Jack Kearney 7 U15B  
    Josh Leamy-King 8 U15B  
4 U17 4 Lap Scratch - Motorbike Lead Out Lochie Foote 13 U17B  
    Wilson Hannon 62 U17B  
    Tutarangi Craw 98 U17B  
    Kylah Gunn 95 U17G  
    Harrison Craw 99 U17B  
    Ben Petch 79 U17B  
    Neriah Kaihe-Woolston 68 U17G  
    Seth Cousins 96 U17B  
    Skye Finlayson 97 U17G  
    Kyle Rusk 89 U17B  
5 U19 4 Lap Scratch - Motorbike Lead Out Michael Richmond 88 U19B  
    Ewan Cousins 97 U19B  
    Jack Overweel 78 U19B  
    Riley Tunnicliffe 91 U19B  
6 WM & MM 5 Lap H/Cap Jessica Hamilton 61 WM1  
    Torban Foote 56 MM1  
    Ed Craw 33 MM1  
    Rob Petch 80 MM1  
    Carl Dickason 57 MM1  
    Matty Mullins 76 SM  
    Paul Peters 81 MM2  
    Jo Coxon 26 WM2  
    Andrew Miller 73 MM1  
    Laura Richardson 85 WM1  
    Sarah Tunnicliffe 69 SW  
  Record Attempt - 2 Lap Held Start Ewan Cousins 1.01.03    
7 U17B & U19B 5 Lap Kerin Michael Richmond 88 U19B  
    Riley Tunnicliffe 91 U19B  
    Jack Overweel 78 U19B  
    Harrison Craw 99 U17B  
    Tutarangi Craw 98 U17B  
    Wilson Hannon 62 U17B  
8 Women 5 Lap Kerin Jessica Hamilton 61 WM1  
    Kylah Gunn 95 U17G  
    Neriah Kaihe-Woolston 68 U17G  
    Skye Finlayson 97 U17G  
    Laura Richardson 85 WM1  
    Sarah Tunnicliffe 69 SW  
9 Omnium 1 Lap TT Ben Murphy 19 U13B 38.2
    Austin Tunnicliffe 20 U13B 41.61
    Josh Hannon 17 U13B 41.8
    Andy Richardson 15 U15B 34.93
    Jesse Coxon 1 U15G 36.55
    Sophie Peters 11 U15G 37.98
    Nathan Drury 16 U15B 39.14
    Caleb Hamblyn 5 U15B 40.13
    Josh Leamy-King 8 U15B 41.98
    Jack Kearney 7 U15B 42.4
    Tutarangi Craw 98 U17B 32.17
    Wilson Hannon 62 U17B 32.76
    Harrison Craw 99 U17B 33.04
    Lochie Foote 13 U17B 34.94
    Ben Petch 79 U17B 37.2
    Kylah Gunn 95 U17G 35.7
    Neriah Kaihe-Woolston 68 U17G 38.58
    Seth Cousins 96 U17B 39.35
    Kyle Rusk 89 U17B 41.08
    Skye Finlayson 97 U17G 41.62
    Michael Richmond 88 U19B 33.44
    Riley Tunnicliffe 91 U19B 32.7
    Andrew Miller 73 MM1 35.29
    Torban Foote 56 MM1 36.51
    Rob Petch 80 MM1 37.11
    Carl Dickason 57 MM1 37.16
    Ed Craw 33 MM1 37.59
    Paul Peters 81 MM2 41.64
    Jessica Hamilton 61 WM1 42.34
    Jo Coxon 26 WM2 43.21
    Laura Richardson 85 WM1 45.94
    Sarah Tunnicliffe 69 SW 46.23
10 Omnium 1 Lap Scratch - U13 Ben Murphy 19 U13B 1st
    Austin Tunnicliffe 20 U13B 2nd
    Josh Hannon 17 U13B 3rd
  Omnium 1 Lap Scratch - U15B & U15G Jesse Coxon 1 U15G 1st
    Andy Richardson 15 U15B 2nd
    Sophie Peters 11 U15G 3rd
    Caleb Hamblyn 5 U15B 4th
    Nathan Drury 16 U15B 5th
    Jack Kearney 7 U15B 6th
    Josh Leamy-King 8 U15B 7th
  Omnium 1 Lap Scratch - U17B Wilson Hannon 62 U17B 1st
    Tutarangi Craw 98 U17B 2nd
    Lochie Foote 13 U17B 3rd
    Harrison Craw 99 U17B 4th
    Ben Petch 79 U17B 5th
  Omnium 1 Lap Scratch - U17B & U17G Kylah Gunn 95 U17G 1st
    Seth Cousins 96 U17B 2nd
    Neriah Kaihe-Woolston 68 U17G 3rd
    Kyle Rusk 89 U17B 4th
    Skye Finlayson 97 U17G 5th
  Omnium 1 Lap Scratch - U19 Michael Richmond 88 U19B 1st
    Riley Tunnicliffe 91 U19B 2nd
  Omnium 1 Lap Scratch - MM Andrew Miller 73 MM1 1st
    Ed Craw 33 MM1 2nd
    Rob Petch 80 MM1 3rd
    Torban Foote 56 MM1 4th
    Carl Dickason 57 MM1 5th
    Paul Peters 81 MM2 6th
  Omnium 1 Lap Scratch - WM Jessica Hamilton 61 WM1 1st
    Jo Coxon 26 WM2 2nd
    Sarah Tunnicliffe 69 SW 3rd
    Laura Richardson 85 WM1 4th
11 U13 4 Lap H/Cap Austin Tunnicliffe 20 U13B  
    Josh Hannon 17 U13B  
    Ben Murphy 19 U13B  
12 U15 B&G 7 Lap H/Cap Andy Richardson 15 U15B  
    Jesse Coxon 1 U15G  
    Sophie Peters 11 U15G  
    Caleb Hamblyn 5 U15B  
    Nathan Drury 16 U15B  
    Josh Leamy-King 8 U15B  
    Jack Kearney 7 U15B  
  U17 & U19 15 Lap H/Cap Michael Richmond 88 U19B  
    Wilson Hannon 62 U17B  
    Riley Tunnicliffe 91 U19B  
    Tutarangi Craw 98 U17B  
    Lochie Foote 13 U17B  
    Kylah Gunn 95 U17G  
    Harrison Craw 99 U17B  
    Neriah Kaihe-Woolston 68 U17G  
    Ben Petch 79 U17B  
    Kyle Rusk 89 U17B  
    Skye Finlayson 97 U17G  
    Seth Cousins 96 U17B  
  WM & MM 10 Lap H/Cap Torban Foote 56 MM1  
    Ed Craw 33 MM1  
    Jessica Hamilton 61 WM1  
    Carl Dickason 57 MM1  
    Rob Petch 80 MM1  
    Jo Coxon 26 WM2  
    Sarah Tunnicliffe 69 SW  
    Paul Peters 81 MM2  
    Andrew Miller 73 MM1

Everyone has their own Pinnacle.

Many of us are relatively private about why we do what we do on bikes.
The overall sense of accomplishment, and the physical and mental well being that we get out of cycling are all things that are at the top of the list.
This weekend sees the annual Taupo Cycle Challenge. From Humble beginnings in 1977 where 24 riders started the event to the mind boggling thousands that we witness today.
This one is even more special for our own Colin Anderson. Starting his first Challenge in 1988 with the one lap, things progressed to where his record stands now.
At 71 , Colin will this weekend complete his 100th lap of the Cycle Challenge, and does not include all the other laps of the lake that he has done outside of the event.
Hughes Joinery have come on board as his teams sponsor for this event and they are all out raising funds for Heart Kids, a Charity that Colin has ridden for many years.
Many of Colin’s riding mates are accompanying him on the two laps this year, with others joining in with one lap, and the group gets bigger as Colin approaches Taupo.
Pretty sure this accomplishment will not be surpassed.
Look up the link to donate to Heart Kids, This cause is personal for Colin and his family and any support is welcome with gratitude.

BM Club Racing

We saw the running of the Feilding Festival based from Rosebowl Bakery. Many thanks to Derek McNabb and his staff and family from Rosebowl for their continued support and hospitality
A calm morning on the weather front saw multiple late entries, and while the Joe Allen competitors got around the course before the heavens opened the later events in the day did not have the same good fortune.
4 events of varying distance is the format, and the longer 90 km to Apiti and back is as tough as they get..for the first 65kms anyway.
Full Results on the Website and Facebook.

This year at the festival we saw the club undertake its’ own traffic management and timing. Large events like this used to demand the funding from outside sources for these key elements.
Thanks to the hard work of this and previous boards we are able to stand on our own 2 feet with these two costly parts of organising events.
For large events First Aid and Ambulance are required and are a must. With our smaller more compact events we have qualified volunteers who look after our First Aid requirements.

At Bike Manawatu we further endeavour to be self-sufficient, cost effective and inviting at all riders.
By actively engaging with our Fantastic Sponsors, being self-sufficient, financially savvy and having an increase with numbers to our events we are able to keep our entry fees low.
The flow on effect of this is we are seeing more families take up cycling, and many new riders competing for the first time.
To date, since our season started in October, we have had 165 riders race at our events..We couldn’t be happier.

The Manfeild Crits are a great example of this. Using the 1.2 km short circuit we’ve seen riders develop their skill, tactics and strength.
Many of our riders rode a grade higher than what they thought was possible, challenged themselves, and developed as a rider.
With over 80 riders turning up each Tuesday night in November, it has been a big Win for our club and members.


3 more BM events in December before we have a break over summer.
Wednesday 4th and 11th we see the last two rounds of our Kairanga ITT’s

Saturday 7th is the Essex Cup starting from Pohangina, a loop towards Ashhurst, to Highland Home, little bit of gravel and finishing in Pohangina.
It’s one of our Favorites..and a great way to warm up to the Gravel and Tar Slicks and Stones in January.

Entries Online…….

Please take the time to enter online for our events.
It makes the job for our timing people so much easier with start orders and times etc.
The system will then have your number that you have been, or will be allocated, for the season.

Good luck to everyone doing Taupo, for whatever reason you are doing it…whatever your “Why” is.


Track Cycling 1 December 2019 Programme

We have listened to your feedback we are starting our Sunday sessions one hour earlier for the rest of the season.

New timings 12.30pm Warm up, 1.30pm session starts.

This gives you more time to get home and relax in the evenings and prepare for work the next day and allows riders who choose to road ride home to be a bit safer. Lastly we wish our track members who are doing the Lake Taupo Challenge this weekend and also the rest of the BikeManawatu riders the very best of luck.  -  BikeManawatu Track Committee

Track 25 days till xmas-1

BM Race 7 - Essex Cup 7 Dec 19 (1)

Next weekend we have our Essex Cup on Saturday 7th December on our Pohangina circuit
Proudly Brought To You By:
Gold Sponsor: Hughes Joinery
Silver Sponsor: Bike Barn
Bronze Sponsor: Tineli

Start & Meet & Finish at the Pohangina Village (Bike Manawatu Timing Van)

Saturday 7th December 2019
Sign on 2pm
Race Brief at 2.30pm
Race Start at 2.45pm
Course – Pohangina – towards Ashhurst – Left onto Pohangina Valley East - Highland home – Churchill Road – Gravel section – Pohangina
1 lap – approx 30km

Please pre register HERE

Please remember to bring your numbers you have been issued for the season.

Thank you, see you there